Lose weight with pasta – a beautiful body the Italian way

Pasta, as the macaroni and spaghetti we know around the world is called, is one of the most loved foods in America. However, many are afraid of it and think that pasta is filling. However, this is undoubtedly a myth.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, it matters how many calories you take in. In fact, pasta can fit very well into your diet plan as long as you follow 6 simple rules.

1. Choose whole grain pasta – it is more useful and satiates for a longer time. One bowl of whole wheat spaghetti contains 6 grams of fiber. This is about 25% of the required fiber ration. For comparison, the fiber in ordinary pasta is only 2.5 grams.

2. Pay attention to the quantity. Large portions will prevent you from losing weight. Eat between ½ and 1 bowl of pasta. This will give you roughly between 100 and 200 calories, which is quite a decent amount for one meal.

3. When you cook pasta for about 5 minutes, it has almost twice the glycemic index of pasta cooked for 20 minutes. That is, it is more dietary. So when you see that the pasta is ready, just remove it from the heat and don’t let it cook for a long time by inertia.

4. Always choose tomato sauces over any dairy or mayonnaise-based sauces. Tomatoes are much more useful and full of vitamins, besides they are extremely low in calories. For example, many spaghetti sauces will add at least another 100 calories to your pasta, while tomatoes are not only low in calories, but also contain no fat.

5. Mix pasta with vegetables – whether processed or fresh, they will help you fill up faster and with less food. Adding vegetables to pasta will reduce the likelihood of you getting hungry between meals.

6. Never eat bread with pasta – bread contains the same nutrients and all you will gain is a bunch of empty calories with no added benefit.

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