Lose weight with pizza

This is probably the first time you’ve seen the words diet and pizza together in the same sentence. But the truth is, you can diet, eat healthy and lose weight while keeping pizza in your daily routine menu.

Most pizza crusts are made from refined flour, meaning they are high in carbohydrates and low in fiber. Use whole wheat flour, more vegetables and herbs and you will make your pizza extremely healthy, with more few calories, more vitamins and more filling.

To lose half a kilogram of your weight you need to burn about 3500 calories. You can be much more effective by combining diet and exercise and by choosing products that are more filling and with fewer calories.

Foods with a low glycemic index contain fewer carbohydrates and help keep blood sugar levels stable by preventing sharp and unbearable hunger pangs.

Another very interesting alternative to whole wheat flour is to make a bean pizza. Yes, this is not a joke, but a very tasty dish. Just make the pizza crusts with bean flour.

A little water and eggs will help to turn the bean flour into a real dough. Pizza prepared in this way will be very low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

The whole wheat flour we mentioned a moment ago is very rich in fiber, vitamin A and vitamin B and will keep blood sugar levels stable for much longer.

Once you have chosen a suitable material for the crust, then it is time to choose a healthy and dietary topping (this is the material that will be placed on the pizza).

It should be low in fat and nutritious at the same time. Finely chopped vegetables and herbs are the best choice.

If you prefer to eat a pizza with meat, replace the sausages, sausages and salami with roasted or smoked chicken or turkey fillet or tuna.

Make your own tomato pizza sauce to your liking, and if you’re inclined to experiment, you can also add pureed spinach for even more fiber.

The last step to the ideal healthy pizza is the cheese. It would be good to reduce it slightly. You’ll be surprised to find how delicious your pizza can be even with only ½ the amount you normally put on it.

You can mix cheddar cheese or low-fat mozzarella with cottage cheese and it will have an even greater effect.

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