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When it comes to losing weight, all kinds of diets pop up from everywhere – low carb, low fat, Fergie’s diet, Oprah’s diet, South Beach diet, North End diet, fasting, meat and what not.

The other possibility is to look at the national cuisine of a country, where people constantly eat things and still stay thin.

Thailand is a typical example. People everywhere are eating something, the streets are full of food stalls and yet everyone looks in perfect shape. What makes these people so slim despite their habit of snacking?

Eating regularly is the first step. Food in Thailand is available everywhere. It is tasty and aromatic, it is offered at very good prices and the locals eat something whenever they feel the need. So it happens that at the end of the day they have eaten many times, but always in small quantities and they have missed the big stuffing characteristic of Western societies.

No to fake and processed artificial foods. Fresh and fresh food is available at every turn and people take something traditionally prepared to work, not artificial foods full of dyes and flavors.

Fruits – The variety of fruits is amazing. They are fresh, fresh, flavorful, juicy and the locals always prefer them over some salt and calorie filled chips for example. It’s something we could all be doing at home.

Rice – staple food in Thailand. People consume it constantly, sometimes several times a day. Most of the cooked rice is water, so this is a good way to get rid of excess fat if we have a habit of eating in larger quantities. In our latitudes, oatmeal for breakfast is a good alternative.

A lot of spices – a lot of spices make Thai food more filling. It has a very strong taste, and its spiciness and hotness boost the metabolism.

Dairy free – unfortunately for lovers of delicious cheese, Thailand is a country where dairy products are extremely popular. This may seem like a disadvantage, but from a dietary point of view, it will save you a tremendous amount of calories every day.

Spices replace fat – in Western cuisine, we are used to the fact that the fat we cook with largely predetermines the taste of the dishes. In Thailand, spices have this meaning. For example, many chefs prefer to prepare the fish with various spices and sauces, but without adding fat.

Lack of sugar – Thai cuisine is very low in sugar. Although a little sugar is added to some dishes for flavor, in general it is not used much, even when it comes to desserts. Natural flavoring with tropical fruits is more important in the preparation of sweets.

Common trays of food. In Thailand, food is served on communal trays in the middle of the table.

This makes people be more careful with their food because no one wants to be rude and eat everything on the table leaving others hungry.

Well, it’s a matter of upbringing, but still, in the mass case, it causes most people to eat less than if the portion was just placed in front of them and they would eat it themselves.</p >

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