What is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet has become one of the most famous and hyped diets in the world, becoming more than just a fad. She proved that she really works and found millions of admirers and followers around the world.

Not a small number of Miami residents have already tried the diet and are very happy with the results.

What exactly is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet mainly focuses on reducing the bad carbohydrates in the menu (eg white bread) while at the same time encouraging the consumption of good carbohydrates (potatoes, brown rice , oatmeal) and good fats (eg olive oil).

Most soft drinks and pasta foods made from refined flour are perfect examples of bad carbs. The South Beach Diet strives to achieve a balance between healthy carbohydrates and fats.

The consumption of sweets is rejected, which is probably the most harmful source of carbohydrates.

In order to follow the diet correctly, those who follow it have a list of foods that they can eat and those that are forbidden.

The list is quite detailed and shows what can be combined with what to get a complete meal. Having this list of products you can easily prepare your own menu for the day and for the week without any problem.

The diet plan also offers many recipes that you may find useful.

The South Beach Diet is often described as easy to follow and a milder version of the Atkins diet, which is quite strict. However, in reality there is nothing in common between them. The only thing in common is that both diets start with an introductory two-week period.

The entire South Beach Diet consists of a total of three phases. As we said, the first is the strictest, and the third is the lightest, as its goal is to return you to a normal daily life with healthy eating habits, preserving the achieved results.

What are the three phases of the South Beach Diet?

1. The first phase lasts two weeks and is the strictest. Temporarily stops the consumption of all carbohydrates – fruit, bread and other pasta foods, alcohol, potatoes, pasta, sugar, rice,

2. In the second phase of the diet, you start gradually to include carbohydrates in your menu. It starts with fruits, then rice, potatoes, macaroni, whole grain bread. It is important to be careful with the quantities.

3. The third final phase requires only sticking within a healthy diet and consuming carbohydrates from the right source and in moderation, becoming a way of life.

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